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Hey! My name is Gillian and I’m a second year Chem Eng Biomed student

2. I’ve been vegan for almost two years now ans I was vegetarian for a while before that

3. I initially became vegan as an experiment, i wanted to try it out. I had a friend who was vegan and was intrigued by some of the stuff that he’d bake. My mother is lactose intolerant so we never had any dairy around the house anyway, so that was easy. Cutting out eggs was a little more difficult as a lot of our traditional family recipes had eggs in them. Luckily my family is really big into cooking and my mother was super supportive. She’s not veg but she was all up for experimenting and finding new ways to make our old recipes just as exciting/tasty. The one thing I used to miss was honey, but I found a better substitute: maple syrup!!! We have bottles and bottles of the stuff at home now!

4. I have to agree with Sam, it’s not that tricky anymore. It’s such a part of my life, knowing what I can eat and what things to order at restaurants, that it’s almost second nature. I have to keep educating myself though, to make sure that the stuff that I’m eating is what I think it is. There are so many alternatives and substitutes that it just takes looking at a recipe/food from a different angle to make it into something that I can eat. If anything, I’ve become much more creative and experimental with my cooking!

5. When I first became vegetarian, my sister didn’t completely accept my choice. She would always complain that I “couldn’t eat anything” because of my dietary choice. It was coming up to Thanksgiving and she said that I had to have one bite, just one, of turkey, even if it was my last bite of turkey forever. In order to pacify her, and out of my own curiosity to see how my body would react to having meat after going without it for a while, I said fine. It was so weird!! One small bite of turkey and I could feel it on my breath/in my mouth for the next 24 hours!! Haven’t done anything since

6. My reasons for becoming vegan primarily surround the industrial side of food production. I don’t agree with some of the methods that these big industrial corporations employ and I often believe that they don’t have the consumers interests very high on their priority list. For those reasons I stick to being vegan as a dietary choice only. But who knows what the future will hold

7. MY MOTHER’S GINGER COOKIES!! Besides that, I love dal, vegan pancakes and shepherd’s pie, bean stews and popcorn

8. Go at your own pace, if you have your sights on a goal you will get there eventually. Enjoy the journey that takes you on whatever route you are going and educate yourself. A lot of people come into this without educating themselves and end up having to give up their goal because they suffer nutritionally from their own ignorance. And ask for help!! There’s so much out there that’s just waiting for you to stumble upon it!

9. I really hope to meet all you guys and share my recipes/cooking tips while picking up some new ones!!

10. I hope to bring in some good speakers for you guys!! But please feel free to offer up suggestions!

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