Profile Questions

Hi everyone! Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan or neither please answer these questions! You can answer them briefly, even in point form, or you can delve deeper to explain your story. Please keep the word limit to 300 words per answer (and just a very brief explanation for yes or no answers).

  1. Who are you? Do you go to Queen’s? What program? What year?
  2. How long have you been vegetarian or vegan?
  3. Was it difficult to transition from your previous diet to a vegetarian or vegan one? What challenges did you face, or what made it easy? How did you overcome those?
  4. How do you stay vegetarian/vegan today, and not get sidetracked or tempted?
  5. Have you eaten meat while being vegetarian/vegan? How do you feel about that?
  6. Do you abide by strict vegetarian/vegan rules? Does your veganism extend beyond food and into what you wear, the products you use, etc?
  7. What’s your favourite recipe?
  8. Do you have any tips for people who are thinking of becoming vegan/vegetarian?
  9. What would you like to learn or what do you aim to accomplish by attending QVC? (ie. for fun, advice, networking, etc.)
  10. Would you be interested in volunteering for certain events, such as local cooking workshops for children? Would you be interested in listening to speakers such as authors, athletes, chefs, etc?
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3 thoughts on “Profile Questions

  1. Spode and the Horse on said:

    1. My name’s Katharine, and I’m in my 3rd year at Queen’s studying English lit.

    2. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth and went vegan in 2010. Almost 20 yrs!

    3. It was tough to eat enough each day. I used to skip meals a lot when I was vegetarian, never ate during high school hours, etc. I kept a food chart on the fridge for the first few months with what I should eat in a day, and I made it my goal to eat that. It was easier to take it day by day than try to conceptualize it as a lifetime thing, even though it is.

    4. I get cravings for things like grilled cheese and desserts (never had meat, so that’s no problem!). Thanks to the wonders of modern food substitutes, cravings are easily satisfied with “fake” foods!

    5. No.

    6. Yes. I no longer buy any leather, wool, no make up, or any products tested on animals, and only vegan alcohol. I use iPhone apps to keep track of what’s what, and there are two good ones for figuring out whether “mystery” ingredients are vegan. I also ride horses, and I’m currently phasing out leather equipment (toughest thing yet!)

    7. Still searching 🙂 I’m a sucker for cookies.

    8. Cut things out slowly and don’t feel pressured to wake up and suddenly find yourself a perfect vegan. That’s tough. Everything’s a learning process. Just like everything else in life, diets change and develop all the time. Your body is not merely an object you can control. Mind and body sometimes disagree, and that’s okay.

    9. I’m enjoying meeting people with similar interests! I’m mostly there for fun.

    10. I’m a terrible cook, but I’d love to hear speakers. Authors and chefs would be wonderful.

  2. Samantha on said:

    1. Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m in ArtSci at Queen’s, second year, majoring in Art History.

    2. I’ve been a vegetarian since last August.

    3. It was not difficult for me to transition considering I didn’t eat a whole lot of meat or fish before, so I didn’t miss that. But finding things to substitute to keep healthy was hard. I found out I was very iron deficient a couple months ago and it caused me to be exhausted all the time, even getting through a shift at work was hard! So I began to take iron supplements and have been trying to incorporate more foods that are high in iron like spinach.

    4. For me it is not at all hard to stay vegetarian. Today there are a lot of veggie options at restaurants and such, so it’s not a challenge to find something to eat. I just know that there are things I care about more than eating a hotdog that looks tasty.

    5. Yes, by accident. The cafeteria at West had pizza out, which seemed to be cheese but actually had pepperoni underneath. I was really upset, and even got sick to my stomach because my body was not used to eating meat.

    6. I’m probably not the strictest vegetarian, if my friend offers me pepperoni pizza I’ll still eat it if I make sure there’s no pepperoni left on it. I do avoid buying real leather or fur items, too cheap for that anyways hah. And I try to avoid buying products from companies that do animal testing.

    7. My favourite recipe is for a smoky black bean and roasted tomato soup from the book Vegetarian by Alice Hart! Really really easy to make, you literally put most of the ingredients into a blender.

    8. I would suggest reading Eating Animas by Jonathan Safran Foer (one of my favourite authors even before this!), thats what gave me the push to cutting meat out of my diet. After I read that book I knew there was no way I could ever go back to eating meat, it was no longer an option. I would tell a potential vegetarian to make sure they get informed about what is going on with slaughterhouses, the effects of animal farming on the environment, etc. and to research some vegetarian recipes because there are tons of heathy, tasty things to eat.

    9. I would like to learn more about different vegetarian recipes that will compensate for the lack of iron/protein that comes in meat products, meet new people that are also vegetarian and learn how to cook better since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to cooking…

    10. I would definitely be interested in volunteering for events, and would absolutely love to hear from different speakers, I think that would be great!

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